Photography Mentorship Program

Photography Mentorship Program

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Are you ready to build and have a successful business? 

Are you working a full time job while trying to work towards your dream career on the side? Guess what? I am going to help you go full time doing your dream job! 

Do you want to make 4 or 5 figures every month? Good news, I have a full strategy on how you will get there. 

Investing in me as your coach and mentor means I am helping you every step of the way and cheering you on. I will make sure you achieve your goals to get to your dreams. The past 10 years, I have made a lot of mistakes and failed more times than I can count. But I hope that what I can share with you will prevent you from having as many mistakes that I had and closer to your dream. 

Just a sneak at all the amazing things you'll get with a mentorship with me!

  • finding your niche, your style + your aesthetic
  • how to attract & book your ideal client
  • shooting & posing (how to capture real and authentic)
  • finding good light, anywhere
  • workflow - from start to finish
  • goal setting & constructive criticism on your work and/or website
  • pricing
  • advertising, collaborating, Instagram/Facebook
  • templates for your business
  • and so much more!

This program will be for 6 months. During the 6 months, we will meet in person, Facetime or Skype 2-3 times a month. During your mentorship, you will be assigned homework and allowed to ask me questions at anytime!